MHEC Powder : M70

BERMOCOLL M 70 is a non – ionic, water soluble  cellulose ether intended as a water retaining and  consistency improving additive to cement based  mortars.  BERMOCOLL M 70 contains methyl, ethyl and  hydroxyethyl substitution giving a unique balance  between workability and strength.

Typical Properties

Appearance: whitish powder
Particle size: 98 % < 600 μm
Water content: max 5 %
Salt content: max 6 %


BERMOCOLL M 70 is a medium viscosity grade  of methyl ethyl hydroxyethyl cellulose .

Application Areas

BERMOCOLL M 70 is used in cement – based tile  fix, adhesives and plasters for improvement of   workability, consistency, water retention and  adhesion.

Normal dosage in mortars is 0.2 – 0.4 % calculated  on the dry mortar weight.

BERMOCOLL M 70 is inten ded for dry mixing with  other powder materials and should not be used for  direct dissolving in water

Safety instructions, Packaging and Storage

Like many industrial processed materials powdery  materials, cellulose ether dusts are combustible  and can ca use dust explosions. Dust formation  must be avoided or kept to a minimum. Care  should be taken to prevent ignition from heat,  spark,open flames or hot surface.

BERMOCOLL M 70 is packed in a polyethylene  bag. Net weight 15 kg. We recommend emptying  the bag s from the bottom. The empty bags can be  recycled or burned. In unopened bags,  BERMOCOLL M 70 can be stored for several  years. In opened bags, the moisture content of  BERMOCOLL M 70 will be influenced by the air  humidity.

At the temperatures above 250°C ( 480°F),  charring of BERMOCOLL M 70 will occur. At high  temperatures and in contact with an open flame,  BERMOCOLL M 70 will burn slowly with the  characteristics of cellulose.