Monicolor A Universal Colorants for Decorative Paint

Product Description

Universal colorants for latex paints, long oil alkyds, enamels and wood stains. Monicolor A colorants cover a wide color space, and are light fast, accurate in pastels, transparent and cost-effective. Their co-solvent is propylene glycol and VOC is less than 400g/l.

Monicolor A is the ideal paint colorant, enamel and wood pigment for a range of decorative paint applications. These universal colorants include higher quality red and yellow pigments that are weather resistant for exterior applications, as well as economical red and yellow colorants for interior use. Inorganic colorants and/or transparent iron oxide colorant options can be added


Chemistry: Universal

Detailed Chemistry: Glycol Containing, VOC<400 g/l

Applications: Architectural Coatings; Wood Coatings