Raw Material Division

Industry-Leading Chemical Solutions for Optimum Production

Following expert evaluation of each application, we works with you to develop site-specific products and formulations for customized solutions that ensure production systems operate at full potential.


Adding more TiO2 to compensate for gaps and inefficiencies caused by crowding is a costly measure with diminishing returns ..

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Propylene Glycol Industrial Grade

Propylene Glycol Industrial Grade (PGI) from Dow is an important intermediate..

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PRIMAL™ Binder Technologies from Dow have helped drive the adoption ..

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Do you want to improve hiding performance? Raise film-barrier properties? ..

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Color trends may come and go, but rheology makes a lasting impression on consumer ..

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Rocima 363

Fluid, pumpable fungicide and algicide for water-based severe-weather paints and plasters ..

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Rocima 623

n-can preservative for dispersion or emulsion aqueous systems ..

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