Redispersible Powder ELOTEX® MP2050

Product Description

ELOTEX® MP2050 is a redispersible binder based on a copolymer of ethylene and vinyl acetate.

Protective colloid: Polyvinyl alcohol

Additives: Mineral anti-block agents

Plasticisers: none

Solvents: none

Film-forming agents: none


Appearance: free-flowing, white powder

Bulk density: 400 – 700 g/l

Residual moisture: maximum 1.0 %

Ash TGA 1000°C: 10.0% +/- 2.0 %

pH value: 6.5 – 9.5 (as a 10% dispersion in water)

Min. film building temp.: 0°C

Film properties: opaque, viscoplastic

Application Areas

For modification of hydraulically and non-hydraulically curing systems.

– Multi-purpose redispersible powder with very broad applications spectrum

Key Attributes

During processing

– Excellent workability

– Improved water retention capability

– Longer open time

In the cured state

– High strength

– Excellent adhesive bond strength on different substrates

– High abrasion resistance

– Increased flexibility

Powder Processing

Elotex redispersible powders can be blended in all commercial positive mixers with other dry additives to produce finished products in powder form. Since Elotex redispersible powders exhibit thermoplastic behaviour, mixing times should be as short as possible, and significant temperature rise caused by strong shear forces should be avoided. All hydraulically and non-hydraulically curing dry mixtures with Elotex redispersible powder may be easily mixed with water before application.

For mixing finished products in powder form, one usually places the required amount of mixing water in a suitable vessel and add the powder mixture under agitation. Too intensive agitation of the mixture may result in unwanted air inclusion. Before application, one should allow the mixture to stand for a short time.

Depending on the properties of the other additives, the standing time will be in the range of approx. 1-5 minutes.

Packaging and Storage

Standard packaging: 25 kg paper sacks with polyethylene liners.

Other types of packaging such as Big Bags or silo wagons are possible on request.

As a basic rule it is recommended to store Elotex redispersible powder in a dry location at temperatures below 25°C and to process within six months. Sacks that are stored under pressure, damaged or left open for an extended period tend to cause blocking of the redispersible powder.

Quality, Safety and Environment Elotex redispersible powders are non-toxic and are unclassified according to Regulation 88/379/EEC. We recommend all individuals using Elotex redispersible powder, or coming in contact with it, to observe the separate Safety Data Sheets. Our safety specialists will be pleased to advise you regarding safety, health and environmental issues of our products. Elotex has been certified according to DIN EN ISO9001 and DIN EN ISO 14001.